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CANON_adaptors: AD1
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AKA: AC ADAPTER AD-1, Product number (P/N): AD1 (AD-1),
Keywords/Tags: AD1 (AD-1)
Date of intro: 1980, Origin: Japan (List),
Power: 120V->04.5VDC 300mA,
Classification: / Adaptor,
Certification: 26J6(UL) (List All UL's),
Related with: CANON_docu: CJ03066 (Cat.) 197910,
Used for: CANON: F61, CANON: F71, CANON: L1, CANON: L1011, CANON: L1012, CANON: L1214, CANON: L1214II, CANON: L2, CANON: L20, CANON: L20II, CANON: L2U, CANON: L3, CANON: L30II, CANON: L813, CANON: L813II, CANON: LD80 (version-1), CANON: RQ2


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