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CANON_docu: (Cat.) 197910
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AKA: Canon, AKA (Label): PUB.CJ03-066, 1079MI 200, Product number (P/N): CJ030661079MI200 (PUB.CJ03-066, 1079MI 200),
Keywords/Tags: CJ030661079MI200 (PUB.CJ03-066, 1079MI 200) | PUBCJ030661079MI200 (PUB.CJ03-066, 1079MI 200)
Date of intro: oct-1979, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 197x85mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: CANON: F53, CANON: F54, CANON: F72, CANON: L1, CANON: L1214, CANON: L1217, CANON: L1612, CANON: L1632, CANON: L2, CANON: L3, CANON: LC Memo, CANON: LC1015, CANON: LC10M (version-2), CANON: LC1220, CANON: LC1221, CANON: LC4, CANON: LC41 (version-2), CANON: LC4T, CANON: LC5 (version-1), CANON: LC5 (version-2), CANON: LC51 (version-1), CANON: LC51 (version-2), CANON: LC51S, CANON: LC52 (version-1), CANON: LC5T (version-1), CANON: LC5T (version-2), CANON: LC6 (version-1), CANON: LC61T (version-1), CANON: LC61T (version-2), CANON: LC6T (version-1), CANON: LC7 (version-1), CANON: LC7 (version-2), CANON: LC7 (version-3), CANON: LC7T (version-1), CANON: LC7T (version-2), CANON: LC814T, CANON: LC816T, CANON: LC817T, CANON: LC81M, CANON: LD10M2, CANON: LD8M2, CANON: M1, CANON: M2, CANON: MP1215IV, CANON: P1011, CANON: P1014D, CANON: P10D, CANON: P11D, CANON: P1212D, CANON: P1230, CANON: P1250D, CANON: P1410D, CANON: P21D, CANON: P22D, CANON: P30D, CANON: P31D, CANON: P7D, CANON: QC1, CANON: RQ1 (version-1), CANON: RQ2, CANON: TM150, CANON_adaptors: AD1, CANON_adaptors: AD2 (version-1), CANON_parts: CP1, CANON_parts: CP2, CANON_parts: CP3, CANON_parts: CP4, CANON_parts: CP6, CANON_parts: CP7 (Color Printer Cassette), CANON_parts: CP9 (Ink Roller), CANON_parts: EP102 (Ink Ribbon Black/Red 13mmx5m), CANON_parts: MP38, CANON_parts: MP45, CANON_parts: MP57, CANON_parts: MP76,
#Pags: 20, Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


Catalogue (fragment)
01. LC6,LC6T,LC7,LC7T,LC61T

Catalogue (fragment)
02. LC4,LC4T,LC5,LC10M,LC41,LC51,LC51S,LC52,LC81M

Catalogue (fragment)
04. L1,L2,L3,LC1015,LC814T,LC816T,M1

Catalogue (fragment)
05. L1214,L1217,L1612,L1632,LC1220,LC1221,M2

Catalogue (fragment)
06. P7D,P10D,P11D,P21D,P22D,P30D,P31D

Catalogue (fragment)
07. MP1215IV,P1011,P1014D,P1212D,P1250D,P1410D

Catalogue (fragment)
08. LC Memo,LC817T,P1230,RQ1,TM150

Catalogue (fragment)
09. AD1,AD2,QC1,RQ2

Catalogue (fragment)

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