Vintage Electronic Calculators:

Overview of Brands

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(Book) 81: Exploring Programming on the TI-81

(Book) 81: Exploring Statistics on the TI-81

(Book) Calculating better decisions

(Book) The Calculator and Converter Handbook

(Book) The Great International Math On Keys Book

(Broch.) *: (Japanese) 57,58,59

(Broch.) *: 30,BA,PC100,SR51II,SR52,SR56

(Broch.) Electronic Calculators

(Broch.) SR50

(Cat.) 1979 (Japanese)

(Cat.) 1984 (German)

(Cat.) 1989

(Cat.) 1996 (Spanish, version-1)

(Cat.) 1996 (Spanish, version-2)

(Cat.) 1997

(Cat.) 1997 (Spanish)

(Data) 19??: Transistor and Diode Book

(Data) 1970~: TTL & MSI Catalogue

(Data) 197011

(Data) 197107 Integrated Circuits

(Data) 1975: The TTL Data Book for Design Engineers

(Data) 1977: Display Driver

(Data) 1977: Memory Interface

(Data) 1978: MOS Memory

(Data) 1980: Linear Control Circuits (Ed.2)

(Data) 1980: MOS Memory

(Data) 1981: Line Driver and Line Receiver

(Data) 1981: Peripheral Driver

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