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(Ad.) *: De programmeerbare reken... (58,59,PC100B)

(Ad.) *: Een nieuwe generatie zakreken... (58,59)

(Ad.) *: Pour moi, les maths...

(Ad.) 1200: Can 1=4?

(Ad.) 30 Galaxy: More than calculators...

(Ad.) 45: la calculatrice scientifique...

(Ad.) 57: The unbeatable TI-57 LCD...

(Ad.) 66: Is your calculator programmed for succes

(Ad.) Business Analyst: The New Business Analyst...

(Ad.) Le Calcul magique

(Ad.) SR10: Rechargeable Slide Rule Calculator...

(Ad.) SR60: Prompting desired?

(Art.) 88: La TI 88: Calculatrice ou Ordinateur?

(Art.) SR60: Is this a luxury Desk Top...

(Book) *: Die Taschenrechner... (30,45,SR40)

(Book) *: Getting Started with... (85,86)

(Book) *: Taschenrechner für Wirtschaft und Fina...

(Book) 12: Using the Math Explorer Calculator

(Book) 25: TI-Taschenrechner im Unterricht TI-25…

(Book) 55: Programming the TI-55 Slide...

(Book) 57: La topografia con la Calcolatrice

(Book) 59: Radar Calculations Using the TI-59...

(Book) 81: Exploring Algebra on the TI-81

(Book) 81: Exploring Discrete Math on the TI-81

(Book) 81: Exploring Programming on the TI-81

(Book) 81: Exploring Statistics on the TI-81

(Book) Calculating better decisions

(Book) The Calculator and Converter Handbook

(Book) The Great International Math On Keys Book

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