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(Ad.) EL326H: No Batteries

(Ad.) EL620: It talks

(Ad.) EL7050: It turns numbers into pictures

(Ad.) EL8: Die größte Neuheit ist die Kleinste

(Ad.) EL8: Introducing the world's smallest electronic calc...

(Ad.) EL8: Now the world's smallest electronic calculator...

(Ad.) EL8: Quand j'entends le mot 'calcul' je sors mon Elsi 8

(Ad.) EL8: We Just Cut the Electronic Calculator Down to Size

(Ad.) PC1002: The Sharp Edge

(Ad.) PC1500: The genius you can take to breakfast

(Ad.) QT8D: Ask a Micro Compet

(Ad.) QT8D: Breakthrough!, An electronic calculator that...

(Ad.) QT8D: Breakthrough!, Now an electronic calc. (version-1)

(Ad.) QT8D: Breakthrough!, Now an electronic calc. (version-2)

(Ad.) QT8D: SHARP hat bestimmt jeden Rechner...

(Ad.) QT8D: The smallest, The quietest, The lightest...

(Ad.) QT8D: You need a SHARP brain for decimals! ...

(Book) Advanced Analysis with the Sharp 5100 Scientific Calc.

(Book) Entwicklung intelligenter Hardware mit Sharp Taschen…

(Book) Maschinensprache für den SHARP PC 1401/02

(Book) System- und Trichbuch für die SHARP PCs 1350/1450)

(Book) Systemhandbuch für SHARP PC-1403 Pocket Computer )

(Broch.) * (Japanese)

(Broch.) *: (PC1246,PC1247)

(Broch.) *: La premiere calculatrice... (CS10A,EL8,EL805)

(Broch.) *: Sharp compet elektro... (CS15A,CS20A,CS30A)

(Broch.) 20

(Broch.) 20

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