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(Ad.) *: ADDO-SHARP, oder... (CS18D,CS241C,CS362,CS661,...)

(Ad.) *: All SHARP calcu... (CS1608,CS4610,EL1611,EL1197S)

(Ad.) *: Argumente gegen die... (CS1153,CS2154,CS2164)

(Ad.) *: Ask any Compet (CS241,CS361R,CS661)

(Ad.) *: Ask any Compet (CS661,CS662,QT8D)

(Ad.) *: Ask any Compet (CS661,QT8D)

(Ad.) *: Ask any Compet (QT8B,QT8D)

(Ad.) *: Das Meisterstück unter den Scheckkarten-rechnern

(Ad.) *: Executive Calculator (QT8B,QTA3)

(Ad.) *: Instant Recall (EL1197S,EL8180)

(Ad.) *: Now 77%... Version-1 (CS16A,CS17B,CS22A,CS32A)

(Ad.) *: Now 77%... Version-2 (CS12A,CS16A,CS17B,CS22A,CS32A)

(Ad.) *: SHARP Kann... (CS17,CS22,CS32)

(Ad.) *: SHARP's 2188 vs The IRS's 1040 (EL1195,EL2188)

(Ad.) *: Supermachine (EL7001,EL7100)

(Ad.) *: The company that created mini calculators

(Ad.) *: The Science of Giving (EL506,EL540,EL545,EL5103,PC1401

(Ad.) *: These calculators can... (EL5100,EL8150,EL8156,EL8160)

(Ad.) *: This is the world's... (CS17B,CS22A,CS32A)

(Ad.) *: This year Sharp will make... (EL1057,EL1058,EL1154)

(Ad.) *: Top of the Desk Tops (CS1164S,CS2181,CS4266)

(Ad.) *: Unsere kleinen... (CS17C,CS22C,CS32C)

(Ad.) *: We're all business

(Ad.) *: When you're way out in front…

(Ad.) *: Who creates the world's most complete...

(Ad.) *: With Sharp calculators, Avon never looked so good

(Ad.) CS1064: The newest, most competitive...

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