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(Book) 41: Computer Science On Your HP-41

(Book) 41: Erweiterte Funktionen des HP-41 - leicht gemacht

(Book) 41: Extend your HP-41

(Book) 41: Extended functions made easy

(Book) 41: Flight Deck uses for the HP-41C Vol.1 Manual Run Mode

(Book) 41: HP-IL System Dictionary

(Book) 41: Inside The HP-41

(Book) 41: M Code for Beginners

(Book) 41: Reservoir Engineering Manual

(Book) 41: Sammlung

(Book) 41: Softwareentwickelung am Beispiel einer Dateiver…

(Book) 41: Synthetic Programming Made Easy

(Book) 41: Using Your HP-41 Advantage, Elec. Circuits for Students

(Book) 41C/CV: Anwenderbuch HP-41C/CV

(Book) 41C/CV: Data Processing On HP-41 C/CV Volume 1

(Book) 41C/CV: Kryptologie Chiffrierung, Textverschlüsselu..

(Book) 41C/CV: Kryptologie-Programme

(Book) 41C/CV: Synthetische Programmierung auf dem HP-41C/CV

(Book) 41C: Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C 198203

(Book) 41CV: Computer programs for fish stock assement…

(Book) 41CX/CV: Geometrics Solutions

(Book) 41CX/CV: Surveying Field Solutions

(Book) 42S: Surveying Solutions 1993 2nd Ed.

(Book) 42S: Topography (42S)

(Book) 42S: Triangle Solutions 2nd ed. (42S)

(Book) 45: Surveyors Handbook for HP-45 programs

(Book) 48: An Easy Course in Using the HP 48

(Book) 48: Insights, Part I: Principles and Programming 199309

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