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(Ad.) 41C: HP-41C, Pour aller plus loin

(Ad.) 70: Announcing Hewlett-Packard's new HP-70

(Ad.) 80: There's a good chance our skills can...

(Ad.) 9100A: Cuanto tiempo emplea eb resolver...?

(Book) *: An Easy Course in Programming the HP-11C and HP-15C

(Book) *: An Easy Course in Programming the HP-41

(Book) *: Control the world with HP-IL

(Book) *: Discovering Calculus (28,48)

(Book) *: HP41/HP48 Transitions

(Book) *: Income Projection (17BII,19BII)

(Book) *: Manual de Aplicações Financeiras

(Book) *: Programs for Financial calculations (17B,19B)

(Book) *: Property Analyzer (17BII,19BII)

(Book) *: Voyagers in brief Ed.1 Rev.2

(Book) 12C: An easy course in using...

(Book) 12C: Cash flow analyzer

(Book) 12C: Programming Hints...

(Book) 18C: How to use the HP-18C in Real Estate

(Book) 19BII: An Easy Course in Using the HP 19BII

(Book) 25: Analytische Rechenverfahren für den Tasche...

(Book) 25: Computational Analysis With The HP-25 Pocket Calculator

(Book) 27S: An Easy Course in Using the HP-27S

(Book) 28: The HP-28 Pocket Book

(Book) 28C/S: Insights, Principles and Programming of the HP-28C/S

(Book) 32S: Tips and Programs for the HP-32S

(Book) 38: Keys to Creative Financing

(Book) 41: Advanced Programming Tips

(Book) 41: Au Fond de la HP-41C

(Book) 41: Beginning Basics

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