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ELKA: 6521
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Product number (P/N): 6521,
Keywords/Tags: 6521
Date of intro: ~1965, Origin: Bulgaria (List),
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Nixie) (List), Digits = 16,
Number of keys: 27,
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Featuring: Logic-technology: DTL (Diode Transistor Logic), discrete components, Memory-technology: Memory (core),
Resemblance with: ELKA: 21A,
Known Serial-numbers: 143460HMM382069 (14346, 0H-MM N3820-69) | 143482HMM382069 (14382, 0H-MM N3820-69) | 223420H045562471 (22342, 0H-04 55624-71) | 224120H045562471 (22412, 0H-04 55624-71) | 224450H045562471 (22445, 0H-04 55624-71) | 239500H045562471 (23950, 0H-04 55624-71) (List of all S/Ns from ELKA)
Collector value: 10/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: First Bulgarian electronic calculator, probably the 4th in history
Internet: Link-1: WIKIMEDIA



Internals (display)

Internals (keyboard)

Internals (power supply)

Internals (PCB)

Internals (PCB)

Internals (PCB)

Internals (PCB) / Memory (core)

Internals (PCB) / Memory (core)

Internals (PCB bottom)

Internals (PCB bottom)

Panel, cabinet

S/N: 143460HMM382069 (14346, 0H-MM N3820-69)

Type, faceplate

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