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Product number (P/N): CE30,
Keywords/Tags: CE30 | FELIX
Date of intro: ~1969, Origin: Rumenia (List), Dimensions: 546x457x254mm,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Cathode Ray Tube) (List),
Number of keys: 23, #Key-Grey: 10, #Key-White: 13,
Classification: / Desktop with Display / RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) / Memory (delay line),
Featuring: Logic-technology: DTL (Diode Transistor Logic), discrete components, Memories: 1, Memory-technology: Memory (delay line),
Related with: ICE-FELIX_docu: (Art.1) CE30; ICE-FELIX_docu: (Art.2) CE30,
Original Equipment Manufacturer : FRIDEN: 130, Made by: FRIDEN (List of all Import-OEM-models for ICE-FELIX),
Collector value: 9/10,
Courtesy of: FLOCA Alexandru,
Info: FLOCA Alexandru (08-may-2020):
A calculator made by FEA (ICE Felix) Bucharest in the late '60 under FRIDEN license. Only two of those are known to exist, both in my collection.
Now the story behind this amazing machine...
Romania was part of the communist block until December 1989 so access to western technology was limited. Like many eastern communist countries, they cloned things.
Although this was no clone but it was made under a legally acquired license. As Romania couldn't acquire the license from FRIDEN USA directly,
they managed to buy the license from FRIDEN Holland. And the license for the Felix CE 30 was just part of the big deal.
As a side note, Romania was in the late '60 in a full process of industrialization going from a mainly agricultural country to one of the most industrialized communist countries in the eastern block.
CEAUSESCU was the communist leader who was not educated but very smart, he had smart advisers and managed to acquire a lot of quality equipment and production licenses from western European countries.
Romania has developed every industrial sec?ion possible building cars under license from RENAULT (DACIA) and CITROEN (OLTCIT) and even jeeps (ARO), tractors under license from FIAT,
trucks under license from MAN, minicomputers under a French license (they cloned the PDP-11, ZX-Spectrum and IBM-PC later),
calculators and billing machines under license from FRIDEN etc.
In the late '60 and early '70 electronics factories were founded, manufacturing passives and transistors and later logic IC's, ram and a clone of the z80 microprocessor.
The license was probably a great deal for FRIDEN Holland as they got rid of the parts stock for a old design, tools etc.
But a better deal for Romania who was the first country in the eastern block to produce an electronic calculator (They produced mechanical and electromechanical calculators before).
My other FELIX: CE30 is probably one of the very early machines produced as it still has the FRIDEN logo but no serial number and part of the cards are with Romanian components.

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Additional picture
(Courtesy of: FLOCA Alexandru)

(Courtesy of: FLOCA Alexandru)

(Courtesy of: FLOCA Alexandru)

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