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Extract from WIKIPEDIA:
Delay line memory is a form of computer memory, now obsolete, that was used on some of the earliest digital computers.
Like many modern forms of electronic computer memory, delay line memory was a refreshable memory, but as opposed to modern random-access memory, delay line memory was sequential-access.
Analog delay line technology had been used since the 1920s to delay the propagation of analog signals.
When a delay line is used as a memory device, an amplifier and a pulse shaper are connected between the output of the delay line and the input.
The memory capacity is determined by dividing the time taken to transmit one bit into the time it takes for data to circulate through the delay line.
Early delay-line memory systems had capacities of a few thousand bits, with recirculation times measured in microseconds.
To read or write a particular bit stored in such a memory, it is necessary to wait for that bit to circulate through the delay line into the electronics.
The delay to read or write any particular bit is no longer than the recirculation time.
Use of a delay line for a computer memory was invented by ECKERT J. Presper in the mid-1940s for use in computers such as the EDVAC and the UNIVAC I.
ECKERT and MAUCHLY John applied for a patent for a delay line memory system on 31-oct-1947
The patent was issued in 1953. This patent focused on mercury delay lines, but it also discussed delay lines made of strings of inductors and capacitors,
magnetostrictive delay lines, and delay lines built using rotating disks to transfer data to a read head at one point on the circumference from a write head elsewhere around the circumference.


Memory (delay line)

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