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SHARP_docu: (Cat.) 198311 (Japanese)
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Date of intro: nov-1983, Dimensions: 195x85mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: SHARP: CS1118, SHARP: CS1122D, SHARP: CS1124A, SHARP: CS1134, SHARP: CS1302, SHARP: CS1602, SHARP: CS1603, SHARP: CS1605, SHARP: CS2118, SHARP: CS2122D, SHARP: CS2124A, SHARP: CS2134, SHARP: CS2182, SHARP: CS2186, SHARP: CS2602, SHARP: CS2605, SHARP: CS4164, SHARP: CS4166, SHARP: CS4610, SHARP: CS6301A, SHARP: CS6302 (version-1), SHARP: CS8301, SHARP: EL1106S, SHARP: EL1186, SHARP: EL1192S, SHARP: EL2110, SHARP: EL230, SHARP: EL304, SHARP: EL306, SHARP: EL307, SHARP: EL308, SHARP: EL311, SHARP: EL318, SHARP: EL319, SHARP: EL331, SHARP: EL332, SHARP: EL333, SHARP: EL335, SHARP: EL336, SHARP: EL337, SHARP: EL340, SHARP: EL345, SHARP: EL346, SHARP: EL428, SHARP: EL450, SHARP: EL460, SHARP: EL506H, SHARP: EL509A, SHARP: EL510, SHARP: EL5103S, SHARP: EL513, SHARP: EL514, SHARP: EL521, SHARP: EL522, SHARP: EL540, SHARP: EL545, SHARP: EL550, SHARP: EL6200, SHARP: EL7001, SHARP: EL835, SHARP: EL838 (version-1), SHARP: EL842, SHARP: EL844, SHARP: EL852, SHARP: EL854, SHARP: EL860, SHARP: EL861, SHARP: EL862, SHARP: EL863, SHARP: EL865 (version-1), SHARP: IQ3020, SHARP: IQ3100 (version-2), SHARP: IQ600, SHARP: PA7050, SHARP: PA7100, SHARP: PA8001, SHARP: PC1211, SHARP: PC1245, SHARP: PC1251, SHARP: PC1255, SHARP: PC1401, SHARP: PC1500, SHARP: PC1501, SHARP: PC5000, SHARP_adaptors: EA11E, SHARP_adaptors: EA150, SHARP_adaptors: EA17E, SHARP_adaptors: EA23E, SHARP_pacs: CE156 (Kana char. support), SHARP_pacs: IQ30H, SHARP_pacs: IQ30T, SHARP_pacs: IQ31D (Language module: Dutch), SHARP_pacs: IQ31F (Language module: French), SHARP_pacs: IQ31G (Language module: German), SHARP_pacs: IQ31I (Language module: Italian), SHARP_pacs: IQ31P (Language module: Portuguese/Brazilian), SHARP_pacs: IQ31S (Language module: Spanish/Mexican), SHARP_pacs: IQ60, SHARP_pacs: IQ61, SHARP_parts: CE151 (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE154 (Briefcase), SHARP_parts: CE155 (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE157 (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE159 (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE161 (Memory), SHARP_parts: EA100CR (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA10G1 (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA1120L (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA1130L (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA1195P, SHARP_parts: EA1250P (Thermal Paper 5x), SHARP_parts: EA12G (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA13G1 (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA1500P (Paper Roll 5x), SHARP_parts: EA2032C (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA24HD (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA3G (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA43L (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA44L (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA44M (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA50CF (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA626S (Battery), SHARP_parts: EA7100P (Paper Roll 5x), SHARP_parts: EA730R (Ink Roller) EL1192, SHARP_parts: EA741R (Ink Roller), SHARP_parts: EA770R, SHARP_parts: EA800R (Ribbon), SHARP_parts: EA850B (Plotter Pen 4x), SHARP_parts: EA850C (Plotter Pen 4x), SHARP_parts: EA8G1 (Battery), SHARP_perips: CE124 (Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE125 (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE126P (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE150 (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE152 (Cassette Recorder), SHARP_perips: CE153 (Software board), SHARP_perips: CE158 (Interface), SHARP_perips: CE510P (Printer),
#Pags: 20, Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


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