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(Ad.) *: A word of warning in electronic calculators...

(Ad.) *: Ah!, si papa savait ça... (LE10,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: CANON '73 The complete Line...

(Ad.) *: Canon è di casa (LC20,LX40)

(Ad.) *: Canon è in affari

(Ad.) *: Canon ha calcolatrici da tavolo...

(Ad.) *: Canon has a PalmPrinter for every palm

(Ad.) *: Canon Pocketronic (LE80,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: Canon Taschenrechner, die... (LE10,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: Canon, la tecnologia... (LC7,LC51,LC61T)

(Ad.) *: Canon. È di casa

(Ad.) *: Canon's new... (LE80M,LE80R,LE81,L810,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: Druckende Perfektion

(Ad.) *: für jeden Job den idea... (L1000,L1210,MP1000,MP1214)

(Ad.) *: für jeden Job den idea... (L800,L1000,L1210,MP1000)

(Ad.) *: le Canon funzioni-base (LC20,LC31,LC42)

(Ad.) *: Make your next move... (Pocketronic,...)

(Ad.) *: Mini-Calculatrices --- Maxi-calculs (LE10,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: Mini-Calculatrices --- Maxi-calculs (LE80,Pocketronic)

(Ad.) *: Nobody outnumbers Canon

(Ad.) *: Per colpa di Canon la tua calcolatrice...

(Ad.) *: Su calculadora electrónica es insuficente...

(Ad.) *: The Canon CP Series...

(Ad.) *: The right calculator for the right job

(Ad.) *: They can take years of... (CP1016D,CP1216D)

(Ad.) *: Two new assistant brains from Canon (164P,EP150)

(Ad.) 1200: Mini-Calculatrice Électronique

(Ad.) 130S: All this for $995...

(Ad.) 163: Canon Invents the first electronic...

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