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AKA: The World of SHARP where great ideas come to life ELECTRONIC CALCULATORS, Were Technology Counts, AKA (Label): SUK '94 SHARP CORP. (3Y100E), Product number (P/N): 3Y100E,
Keywords/Tags: 3Y100E
Date of intro: 1984, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 280x210mm,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: SHARP: CS1122, SHARP: CS1173, SHARP: CS1612, SHARP: CS2122, SHARP: CS2302, SHARP: CS2604, SHARP: CS4800, SHARP: CS6302 (version-1), SHARP: EL1121, SHARP: EL1134, SHARP: EL1192S, SHARP: EL1607, SHARP: EL1611, SHARP: EL2121, SHARP: EL2124, SHARP: EL230, SHARP: EL2607, SHARP: EL308, SHARP: EL330, SHARP: EL331, SHARP: EL336, SHARP: EL339 (version-1), SHARP: EL339 (version-2), SHARP: EL340, SHARP: EL345, SHARP: EL506H, SHARP: EL508A, SHARP: EL509A, SHARP: EL512, SHARP: EL540, SHARP: EL545, SHARP: EL7050, SHARP: EL838 (version-1), SHARP: EL856, SHARP: EL860, SHARP: EL861, SHARP: EL862, SHARP: EL863, SHARP: EL865 (version-1), SHARP: PC1251, SHARP: PC1401, SHARP: PC1500, SHARP_perips: CE125 (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE150 (Printer/Cassette Interface),
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Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


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