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CITIZEN_docu: (Broch.) Desk-top Calculators, Hand-held Calculators
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Date of intro: ~1979,
Classification: / Documentation / Brochure,
Related with: CITIZEN: 121F (version-2), CITIZEN: 127PII, CITIZEN: 128DPII, CITIZEN: 129DP, CITIZEN: 130PII, CITIZEN: 131TP, CITIZEN: 132CP, CITIZEN: 801D (version-3), CITIZEN: 831RD (version-1), CITIZEN: LC Clock, CITIZEN: LC Mini, CITIZEN: SR I, CITIZEN: SR II,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


Brochure (fragment)
2. Welcome newcomer to the Citizen range... (LC Clock, LC mini)

Brochure (fragment)
3. (132CP)

Brochure (fragment)
4. (132CP, 131TP, 130P)

Brochure (fragment)
5. (127PII, 128DPII, 129DP)

Brochure (fragment)
6. (121F, 831RD, LC mini, LC Clock)

Brochure (fragment)
7. (801D, SR I, SR II)

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