Vintage Electronic Calculators:

Overview of Brands

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(Ad.) *: Unsere Idee: Vorteilhafter Einkauf...

(Ad.) *: Wereldberoemde machines… (124DPII,127P)

(Ad.) 800D

(Art.) *: Electronic calculators (127P,128DP,129DP,124DPII)

(Art.) SRII: Calculatrices

(Broch.) *: Taschenrechner mit der 12-Monats-Vollgarantie

(Broch.) 101L

(Broch.) 1214T

(Broch.) 800R: AC/DC hand held electronic calculator

(Broch.) Carry R

(Broch.) Desk-top Calculators, Hand-held Calculators

(Instr.) 91M

(Instr.) V7

(Warranty) V7

(Warranty) W11

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