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SHARP_docu: (Cat.) 199210 (Japanese)
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Date of intro: oct-1992,
Classification: / Documentation / Catalogue,
Related with: SHARP: CS1118, SHARP: CS1122H, SHARP: CS1128H, SHARP: CS1130, SHARP: CS1135, SHARP: CS1615, SHARP: CS1625H, SHARP: CS1630G, SHARP: CS1631, SHARP: CS1780, SHARP: CS2118, SHARP: CS2128H, SHARP: CS2130, SHARP: CS2135, SHARP: CS2192G, SHARP: CS2626H, SHARP: CS2628, SHARP: CS2630G, SHARP: CS2850 (version-1), SHARP: CS2850 (version-2), SHARP: CS6302 (version-1), SHARP: CS8301, SHARP: CSS110, SHARP: CSS170S, SHARP: CSS270S, SHARP: CSS271, SHARP: EL1611A, SHARP: EL1611H, SHARP: EL240C, SHARP: EL243C (version-1), SHARP: EL243C (version-2), SHARP: EL306, SHARP: EL307S, SHARP: EL319, SHARP: EL326G, SHARP: EL343S, SHARP: EL347, SHARP: EL351A, SHARP: EL352, SHARP: EL354L, SHARP: EL357, SHARP: EL360, SHARP: EL361, SHARP: EL362, SHARP: EL365, SHARP: EL366, SHARP: EL367, SHARP: EL371H, SHARP: EL376C (version-1), SHARP: EL376G, SHARP: EL380, SHARP: EL381, SHARP: EL385, SHARP: EL395, SHARP: EL470 (version-1), SHARP: EL480G, SHARP: EL5020, SHARP: EL5030, SHARP: EL506D, SHARP: EL506G, SHARP: EL509G, SHARP: EL526, SHARP: EL535, SHARP: EL540D, SHARP: EL546D, SHARP: EL573, SHARP: EL780, SHARP: EL857H, SHARP: EL858, SHARP: EL869C, SHARP: EL878C (version-1) B, SHARP: EL878C (version-3) N, SHARP: EL879L, SHARP: EL9300, SHARP: ELK310, SHARP: ELK510, SHARP: ELK710, SHARP: ELN170, SHARP: ELN171, SHARP: ELN172, SHARP: ELN173, SHARP: ELN270, SHARP: ELN271, SHARP: ELN272, SHARP: ELN873, SHARP: ELT870, SHARP: ELT872, SHARP: ELT873, SHARP: ELW10, SHARP: ELW12, SHARP: PA165 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA165 (version-2) GL, SHARP: PA170 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA170 (version-2) GL, SHARP: PA171, SHARP: PA175 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA175 (version-2) BE, SHARP: PA175 (version-3) GL, SHARP: PA180 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA180 (version-2) GL, SHARP: PA210 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA210 (version-2) GL, SHARP: PA220 (version-1) BK, SHARP: PA220 (version-2) GL, SHARP: PA360, SHARP: PA373, SHARP: PA375, SHARP: PA380, SHARP: PA440 (version-1) GR, SHARP: PA440 (version-2) GR, SHARP: PA450, SHARP: PA510, SHARP: PA700, SHARP: PA710, SHARP: PC1248DB, SHARP: PC1262, SHARP: PC1280, SHARP: PC1360, SHARP: PC1360K, SHARP: PC1600K, SHARP: PCE200, SHARP: PCE500, SHARP: PCE550, SHARP_pacs: CE1650M (Japanese dictionary), SHARP_pacs: CE2S01 (Graph), SHARP_parts: CE1600L (Cable), SHARP_parts: CE1600M (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE1603L (Cable), SHARP_parts: CE1604L (Cable), SHARP_parts: CE1605L (Cable), SHARP_parts: CE1650F (Disk) CE140,CE1600F, SHARP_parts: CE212M (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE2H16M (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE2H32M (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE2H64M (Memory), SHARP_parts: CE300L (Data Tranfer Cable), SHARP_parts: CE516L (Cable), SHARP_parts: CET800 (Cable), SHARP_perips: CE120P (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE123P (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE124 (Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE125S (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE126P (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE135T (Interface), SHARP_perips: CE140F (Floppy drive), SHARP_perips: CE140PK (Printer), SHARP_perips: CE140T (Interface), SHARP_perips: CE1600E (Interface), SHARP_perips: CE1600F (Disk drive), SHARP_perips: CE210L (Data transfer connector), SHARP_perips: CE50P (Printer/Cassette Interface), SHARP_perips: CE515P (Printer),
Language: Japanese,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


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