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(Persons): ORVILLE Baker (Diode-Transistor Logic pioneer)
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Date of intro: ~1961,
Classification: / Person,
Info: Orville BAKER earned a BS in engineering physics in 1956 and joined IBM Federal Systems in Owego NY where he met NOYCE Robert and Tom BAY of FAIRCHILD on their mission to sell core driver transistors.
In 1959 he moved to FAIRCHILD R&D in Palo Alto, CA.
Two years later he left to join the founders of SIGNETICS as employee number 5.
BAKER adapted a discrete diode-transistor logic circuit he had worked on at IBM to a monolithic IC configuration that was introduced as the SE 100 series.
He rose to the position of vice-president for technology and was a board member from 1965 to 1970 when he founded SIGNETICS MEMORY SYSTEMS, later renamed SCIENTIFIC MICROSYSTEMS.
He later worked for NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR on the COPS microcontroller products and joined WESTERN DIGITAL as vice president where he designed a PASCAL microprocessor engine.


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