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Product number (P/N): Gas Disharge Display (Technical Vocabulary),
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Info: BURROUGHS, a maker of adding machines and computers, developed the PANAPLEX display in the early 1970s.
This display, generically referred to as a gas-discharge or gas-plasma display uses the same technology as later plasma video displays,
but began life as seven-segment display for use in electronic calculating machines.
They became popular for their bright orange luminous look and found nearly ubiquitous use in cash registers, calculators, pinball machines,
aircraft avionics such as radios, navigational instruments, and stormscopes,
test equipment such as frequency counters and multimeters
and generally anything that previously used nixie tube or numitron displays with a high digit-count throughout the late 1970s and
into the 1990s. These displays remained popular until LEDs gained popularity because of their low-current draw and module-flexibility,
but are still found in some applications where their high-brightness is desired.


Display (Gas disharge)

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