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The first integrated circuits contained only a few transistors. Early digital circuits containing tens of transistors provided a few logic gates, and early linear ICís had as few as two transistors.
The number of transistors in an integrated circuit has increased dramatically since then.
SSI-circuits were crucial to early aerospace projects, and aerospace projects helped inspire development of the technology.
Both the MINUTEMAN missile and APOLLO program needed lightweight digital computers for their inertial guidance systems.
Although the APOLLO Guidance Computer led and motivated integrated-circuit technology, it was the MINUTEMAN missile that forced it into mass-production.
The missile program and various other United States Navy programs accounted for the total $4 million integrated circuit market in 1962, andÖ
by 1968, U.S. Government spending on space and defense still accounted for 37% of the $312 million total production.
The demand by the U.S. Government supported the nascent integrated circuit market until costs fell enough to allow IC firms to penetrate the industrial market and eventually the consumer market.
The average price per integrated circuit dropped from $50.00 in 1962 to $2.33 in 1968
Integrated circuits began to appear in consumer products by the turn of the 1970s decade.
A typical application was FM inter-carrier sound processing in television receivers.
The first application MOS chips were small-scale integration (SSI) chips.


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