Manufacturer: CASIO
Model: CM100
AKA: CM-100,
computer math calc
Year: 1986
Display: LCD (10+1)
Dimensions: 135x75x15 mm
Power type: Solar
Origin: Japan
Owner: DEVIDTS Serge

    This is an unususal pocket calculator for computer and math calculations.
The keys:
ON, COMP, BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX, 0-9, +, -, x, , =, AC, C, >, +/-, MR, MIN, M+, M-,
Parenthesis, Sexagesimal Notation/decimal Notation Conversion, SHIFT, Hexadecimal Entry,
AND, OR, XOR, NOT, Bit Size Spec Keys, Bit Size Recall, Block, Logical Shift, Rotate,
Arithmetic Shift, Sign, Square Root, Square, Reciprocal, and Percent.
This calculator will do normal calculations, constant calculations, memory calculations,
percentage calculations, binary calculations, octal calculations, decimal calculations,
hexadecimal calculations, base conversions, mixed notation calculations,
logical operations, sexagesimal/decimal conversions, square roots, squares, and reciprocals.