In the early 60's, ELCOMA (the PHILIPS components divsion)
spread an 'Application note' how to design an electronic calculator
with their memory stacks, 'building blocks' and nixie tubes.
PHILIPS also published some
literature about eclectronic calculators.
But in these years PHILIPS did have a shortage on production capacity,
there was little need to introduce new products.
On 19-feb-1963 PHILIPS did set up N.V. Philips Computer Industrie.
In 1965, PHILIPS bought SIEMAG,
situated in a village called "Eiserfeld" which belongs to Siegen (Germany).
Untill then, SIEMAG built Type Writers, calculators and also computers,
from then on they would also design and produce the PHILIPS P-series calculators.
Although there's little info on earlier models (
info1, info2)
P250 was probably the first production model,
 containing only discreet components like transistors and diodes.
Later the
P249, P251 and P252 were added to the P-series,
these models did possess Integrated Circuits (ICs) and were equiped
with a very unique
Printing system, one of the first known dot-matrix concepts.

Presentation of P-model calculators ^
during the opening of the new PHILIPS 'ELECTROLOGICA'-facility in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (12-jun-1968),
At the same event, the P-1100 computers were announced.


Some other interesting info and dates:

In the late 60's, PHILIPS did buy ELECTROLOGICA,
a company which was situated in Den Haag, the Netherlands, and was owned by a Dutch 'assurance'-company

professional computers (e.g. model X1 and X8)
For more info, do visit:
Stichting Electrologica Nederland

On 04-oct-1967, the first P1100 computer was hand over to the prototype test group.
On 20-may-1968, a first contract between PHILIPS and the government was signed
to deliver computer systems to administrate giro cheques.

P1100 computer system ^


Intro of the P1100 on 10-jun-1968 ^

In 1974,  PHILIPS bought television maker MAGNAVOX for 168,000M$.
In 1975, PHILIPS bought chip producent SIGNETICS.
in 1981, PHILIPS bought the television division of the GENERAL TELEPHONE & ELECTRONICS Company,
(including Brands like SYLVANIA and PHILCO) for 117,000M$,
with the intention to double their US Television share up to 15%.
In 1983 PHILIPS bought the light divison from WESTINGHOUSE.