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621W (Line Printer: 132 Column, 150char/s)

622 (Alpha-Numeric Keyboard)

623-3 (I/O Extender for 3 Peripherals)

623-6 (I/O Extender for 6 Peripherals)

624 (CPU Multiplexer for two 600's to share external storage)

627 (Communication Interface)

629 (Dual Tape Cassette Drives)

630-1 (Disk Memory: 1.228.800 steps/bytes)

630-2 (Disk Memory: 2.457.600 steps/bytes)

630-3 (Disk Memory: 4.915.200 steps/bytes)

632A (Digital Flatbed Plotter: 31inch x 48inch)

633 (High-speed Photo-electric Punched Paper Tape Reader)

662-1 (X-Y Digitizer: 20inch x 20inch)

662-2 (X-Y Digitizer: 30inch x 40inch)

701A (IBM Selectric Output Writer)

702 (Plotting Output Writer)

702P (Portable Plotter)

703 (Paper Tape Editor)

704 (Punched Card Reader)

705-1A (I/O Interface)

706 (Teletype)

707 (Interface Control Unit)

707-1 (Data Set)

707-2 (Accoustical Adaptor)

707-3 (Accoustical Coupler Remote Station)

707-4 (4-Terminal Teletype Connector)

708-1 (Memory Controller)

709 (Dual Magn. Cassette Tape Drive)

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