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120-4007 (T-connector 36-pin)

177-0112 (Data/Program Cassette)

180-0040 (Cassette 40 steps/track)

180-0080 (Cassette 80 steps/track)

180-0320 (Cassette 320 steps/track)

180-0640 (Cassette 640 steps/track)

184 (Punched Card Reader)

2 Option-A

2 Option-B

2 Option-C

2 Option-D

2 Option-E

2 Option-F

2 Option-G

2 Option-H

200K (Display+Keyboard)

210K (Display+Keyboard)

300K (Display+Keyboard) 300E,300SE

310K (Display+Keyboard) 310E,310SE

320K (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE

320KT (Display+Keyboard) 320E,320SE

360K (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE

360K/362K (Display+Keyboard)

360KR (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE

360KT (Display+Keyboard) 360E,360SE

362K (Display+Keyboard) 362E

362KR (Display+Keyboard) 362E

362KT (Display+Keyboard) 362E

370 (Display+Keyboard)

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