Vintage Electronic Calculators:

Overview of Brands

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(Ad.) *: Lucky (300,310,320)

(Ad.) 700-series

03-0007-0 (Service) 300-Series

03-0019-0 (Service) 400-Series

03-0019-0 (Service) 700-Series

700-0130 (Instr.) 380, volume 1

700-0154A (Notification for 180*)

700-0243A (Program Description Pad for 700)

700-0251B (Reference Manual for 700A/B)

700-0289A (Program Pad)

700-0293 (Reference Manual) 701,702

700-0342 (Reference Manual) 720A,720B

700-0710B (Book: Self-Teaching Manual)

700-1201A (Program Worksheets)

700-1202A (Program Worksheets) 370,380

700-1209 (Program Description Forms) 380,380-2

700-1210 (Program Description Forms) 370

700-1211 (Program Description Forms: Continuation Sheet)

700-3030 (Pocket guide) 2200

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