Vintage Electronic Calculators:

Overview of Brands

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(Ad.) *: Choose your calculator company...

(Ad.) 1217PD

(Art.) 1620: Beherrst sechs Rechenarten

(Art.) 806

(Broch.) *: Schreiben und rechnen...

(Instr.) 1620

(Instr.) 80

(Instr.) 805,805AD

(Instr.) 80C

(Instr.) 81

00920187 (Instr.) LS823

011530112831015 (Broch.) Sichere Ergebenisse...

103000012177 (Instr.) 81CS

10300030178 (Instr.) 81SN

27866741006a (Cat.) 197406

A1098757540 (Broch.) 81S

K930202552475 (Instr.) 81S

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