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(Ad.) *: (Japanese) (BC1001,BC1201,BC1411)

(Ad.) *: Add it all up... (BC1026PV,BC1233PV)

(Ad.) *: Die leichten Rechner (BC1202,BC1211S,BC1212)

(Ad.) *: Lassen Sie sich vom... (BC1002,BC1414,BC1415P)

(Ad.) *: Toutes les cartes...

(Ad.) *: Weltmeisterschaft im... (BC1202,BC1211S,BC1212)

(Ad.) BC1411: Guillermo Trúniger confirma el exito...

(Ad.) BC1415P: calcule, imprime...

(Ad.) BC1415P: Für mich tut die...

(Broch.) *: (Japanese) BC818,BC8015,BC8016

(Broch.) *: Calculatrices Electroniques

(Broch.) *: Calculatrices Electroniques (BC0801B,BC0802)

(Broch.) *: Electronische rekenautomaten

(Broch.) *: Elektronischer Tischrechner (BC1612,BC1624)

(Broch.) *: Elektronischer Tischrechner 1600-Serie

(Broch.) *: Twee kleine rekenwonders (BC0801B,BC802)

(Broch.) BC0802

(Broch.) BC0803B

(Broch.) BC0805

(Broch.) BC1202

(Broch.) BC1211S

(Broch.) BC1212

(Broch.) BC1215

(Broch.) BC1270

(Broch.) BC1411

(Broch.) BC1412

(Broch.) BC1424

(Broch.) BC1611

(Broch.) BC1611 (German)

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