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(Ad.) *: Take a New Look at ROYAL

(Ad.) *: The helping hand-helds...

(Ad.) *: The keys to buying the right calculator (version-1)

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(Ad.) 100: Home economics made easy

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(Ad.) RC84: Da quando Carla Bonfanti...

(Ad.) RC84: Promossa agli...

(Ad.) RCP1206: Fare calcolatrice il nostro mestiere...

(Ad.) RSC65: Calcolatrice scientifica...

(Art.) MemoCalc: Dictating machine and calculator

(Broch.) 212PD

(Broch.) CBC80

(Broch.) RC121K

(Instr.) 226PD

(Instr.) 3HPD

(Instr.) 450PD

(Instr.) 8

(Instr.) 81M

(Instr.) 8MKAD

(Instr.) 90K

(Instr.) 91K

(Instr.) ESC80

(Instr.) II

(Instr.) III

(Instr.) LCB830

(Notification) III

A1166 (Broch.) IV

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