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(Ad.) *: Das große Plus (1000P,1010P)

(Ad.) *: Giant in a portable package (1000P,1010P)

(Ad.) *: We're out to make... (1216,1217,1221P,1221PD)

(Ad.) 1213

(Ad.) 1221PD: Mit RICOH kommen Rechner auf die Rechnung!

(Broch.) *: die Rechner (1000P,1010P)

(Broch.) 1010P

(Broch.) 1210

(Broch.) 1220P

(Cat.) Japanese

(Instr.) RC8F

74768502 (Instr.) 1000P

75208501 (Instr.) 1221P

75258504 (Instr.) 1210P

75728501 (Instr.) X3

DRM707AK9G (Broch.) 1200

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