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(Ad.) *: When America think calculators...

(Ad.) PC1: A few years ago...

(Ad.) PC1: Now You Can Put...

(Book) 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 Pocket Comp

(Book) Fingertip Math

(Book) Getting Started in the PC-2

(Book) Train-ing With your EC-4000 Programmable Calc…

(Book) TRS-80 Pocket Computer Programs

(Cat.) 1974

(Cat.) 1977

(Cat.) 1981 (Australia)

(Cat.) 1981: RCS4

(Cat.) 1981: RCS5

(Cat.) 1982: RCS6

(Cat.) 1982: RCS7

(Cat.) 1983: RCS9

(Cat.) 1984 (Australia)

(Cat.) 1984: RCS10

(Cat.) 198509

(Cat.) 1987 (Australia)

(Cat.) 1988

(Cat.) 1989

(Cat.) 1990

(Cat.) 1991

(Cat.) 1992

(Cat.) 1993

(Cat.) 1995

(Cat.) 1996

(Cat.) 1998

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