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11202A (I/O Interface) 9800-series

11202A opt.A01 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,2748B

11202A opt.A02 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,2895B

11202A opt.A04 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3484A

11202A opt.A05 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3485A

11202A opt.G03 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,4271A

11203A (BCD Input Interface) 9800-series

11203A opt.A01 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,5326A,5327A

11203A opt.A02 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,5300A

11203A opt.A03 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3480A,3480B,3484A

11203A opt.A04 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3450A

11203A opt.A05 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3575

11203A opt.A06 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,3480A,3480B,3485A

11203A opt.A13 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,4270A

11203A opt.G01 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,5526A

11203A opt.G02 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,5321B

11203A opt.G03 (I/O Interface) 9800-series,(Balances)

11205A (Serial I/O Interface) 9800-series

11206A (Interface: modem) 9800-series

11220A (Perhiperal Control I) 9820A,9821A

11223A (Cassette Memory System) 9820A

11224A (Peripheral Control II) 9820A,9821A

11252A (Peripheral Control II) 9810A

11262A (ROM: PC/Cassette Recorder)

11264A (Peripheral Control) 9810A

11266A (ROM: PC/Printer-Alpha)

11271B (Plotter Control Cartrdige) 9830A

11272B (Extended I/O ROM) 9830A

11282A (Interface: plotter, Binary tape cassette) 9800-series

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