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Overview of Brands

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C589 (CalcChip LED 9 funct.)

C593 (CalcChip LED 5-funct. 9-digit)

C593G (CalcChip)

C594 (CalcChip LED one-key memory)

C595 (CalcChip LED multi-key memory)

C595-1 (CalcChip LED)

C596 (CalcChip LED 15-funct. scientific)

C596-1 (CalcChip)

C596L (CalcChip)

C598 (CalcChip LED 18-funct. scientific)

C599 (CalcChip LED 21-funct. scientific)

C683 (CalcChip LED 5-funct. 8-digit)

C683D (CalcChip LED 5-funct. 8-digit)

C685 (CalcChip LED with memory)

C685D (CalcChip LED multi-key memory)

C687D (CalcChip LED 11-func.)

C689D (CalcChip LED 13-func.)

C689G (CalcChip)

CF583 (CalcChip VFD 5-func.)

CF585 (CalcChip VFD multi-key memory)

CF589 (CalcChip VFD 9-func.)

CF593 (CalcChip VFD 5-func.)

CF594 (CalcChip VFD one-key memory)

CF595 (CalcChip VFD multi-key memory)

CF596 (CalcChip VFD 15-func. scientific)

CF598 (CalcChip VFD 18-func. scientific)

CF599 (CalcChip VFD 21-func. scientific)

CF683 (CalcChip VFD 5-func.)

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