Vintage Electronic Calculators:

Overview of Brands

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0103 (PCB)

01123 (PCB)

01204 (PCB)

01206 (PCB)

0203 (PCB)

1005 (IC)

1006 (IC)

1013 (CalcChip)

101-3 (PCB)

101D1 (PCB)

10DPCB12 (PCB)

10TD (PCB)

10TE version-1 (PCB)

10TE version-2 (PCB)

1105 (CalcChip)

112PN (PCB)

112PNA2 (PCB)

1170501 (PCB)

1170502 (PCB)

1200 (PCB)

1220E3 (Transfo)

12421343 (IC)

12K, version-1 (PCB)

12K, version-2 (PCB)

12KG (PCB)

14F3 (PCB)

1K (?)

200203 (IC)

211001611 (PCB)

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