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SANYO: ICC804D (version-3)
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AKA: SACOM mini E, AKA (Label): MODEL ICC-804D, Product number (P/N): ICC804D (ICC-804D),
Keywords/Tags: ICC804D (ICC-804D) | SACOM mini E
Date of intro: may-1971, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 146x85x36mm, Weight: 370g,
Power: Rechargeable, Adaptor: SANYO_adaptors: CU804; SANYO_adaptors: CU804E,
Display: Type = Display (LED) (List), Digits = 8, Extra Display features: Type = Display (LED: as bulb) (List), Quantity = 3,
Keyboard: Reed-switch, Number of keys: 18, #Key-Blue: 6, #Key-White: 12,
Decimal switch: [0-2-4], Miscellaneous switch: [ON-OFF],
Classification: / Pocket,
Related with: SANYO_parts: NRAALF (Rechargeable battery),
Main Components: SANYO: 4EM4B; SANYO: 4EY3B,
Serie-members: SANYO: ICC804D (version-3) (Domestic version with Blue keys); SANYO: ICC804D (version-4) (Export version without Blue kyes),
Known Serial-numbers: 5056178S (5056178 S) | 7051023S (7051023 S) | 7053131S (7053131 S) | B5057885S (B5057885 S) (List of all S/Ns from SANYO)
Initial Cost Price: 79500 JPY ( 643,95), Collector value: 9/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Internet: Link-1: DENTAKU MUSEUM
Intro-Sequence #: 3, Predecessor: SANYO: ICC804D (version-2), Successor: SANYO: ICC804D (version-4)



Internals (PCB bottom) / Internals (keyboard)

between Domestic- and Export version

Label, name plate / Rear
S/N: B5057885S (B5057885 S)

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