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SHARP_adaptors: EL97
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AKA: AC ADAPTOR, MODEL EL-97, Product number (P/N): EL97 (EL-97),
Keywords/Tags: EL97 (EL-97) | AC ADAPTOR
Date of intro: ~1973, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 60x56x47mm, Weight: 150g,
Power: 100V->06.0VDC 200mA,
Classification: / Adaptor,
Related with: SHARP_docu: (Broch.) *: COMPET,
Used for: SHARP: EL8000, SHARP: EL8000A (version-2), SHARP: EL8000R (version-1), SHARP: EL8000R (version-2), SHARP: EL8000S, SHARP: EL808, SHARP: EL8100, SHARP: EL8100S, SHARP: EL8111 (version-1), SHARP: EL8114 (version-1), SHARP: EL8300, SHARP: PC1802


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