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TEKTRONIX: 31 (version-1)
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AKA (Label): MOD NO. OPT 2, Product number (P/N): 31,
Keywords/Tags: 31 | OPT2 (OPT 2)
Date of intro: 1973, Origin: USA (List),
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Gas disharge) (List), Digits = 10+2,
Classification: / Desktop with Display+Printer,
Featuring: Scientific functions, Programmable, Memories: 74, Programmable Steps: 6000,
Related with: TEKTRONIX_docu: 070-1575-00 (Instr.) 31; TEKTRONIX_parts: 020-0082-001 (Tape Cartridge) 31; TEKTRONIX_parts: 334-2160-00 (Keyboard Overlay) 31,
Known Serial-numbers: B053750 (List of all S/Ns from TEKTRONIX)
Initial Cost Price: USD2850.00, Collector value: 9/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: Version without Printer


Label, name plate / Rear
S/N: B053750

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