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Date of intro: 1969, Origin: Germany (List), Dimensions: 480x350x210mm, Weight: 15000g,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (None) (List),
Number of keys: 23,
Classification: / Desktop with Printer,
Featuring: Procent, Logic-technology: SSI (Small Scale Integration), Memories: 1,
Related with: (Docu_Mags): 196905: BÜROTECHNIK + AUTOMATION (BTA); (Docu_Mags): 196909: BÜROTECHNIK + AUTOMATION (BTA); PHILIPS_docu: 512299313832 (Instr.) P251; PHILIPS_docu: (Ad.) P251: Der Philips Tischrechner P251 sieht aus wie...; PHILIPS_docu: (Ad.) La machine de l'avenir; PHILIPS_docu: (Ad.) Meet the brain of the modern office; PHILIPS_docu: (Ad.) P251: Voulez-vous une fois entendre...; PHILIPS_docu: 251468H (Brochure P251); PHILIPS_docu: (Art.) Sind Sie mit dem Messe-Ergebenis zufrieden?; PHILIPS_docu: (Ad.) P251: The Philips P-251 Electronic...; PHILIPS_docu: (Photo) Data Systems Overview (4); PHILIPS_docu: (Photo) Data Systems Overview (5); PHILIPS_docu: 860921021411 (Book) Our data systems world,
Serie-members: PHILIPS: P249; PHILIPS: P252,
Known Serial-numbers: 14485 | 21933 (List of all S/Ns from PHILIPS)
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),
Info: Supports three registers and accumulator, as well as the four basic arithmetic functions,
there are keys for automatic percentage calculations and a constant factor.
Supports an unique mosaic printing mechanism.
The machine goes up to 99999999999999, the point adjuster gives up to six places of decimals.


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Catalogue (fragment)
Elektronischer Tischrechner P 251

Catalogue (fragment)
Elektronischer Tischrechner P 251

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