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AKA: Canola SX-100, Product number (P/N): SX100 (SX-100),
Keywords/Tags: SX100 (SX-100)
Date of intro: 1976, Origin: Japan (List),
Power: AC,
Number of keys: 74, #Key-Black: 3, #Key-Blue: 1, #Key-Grey: 67, #Key-Yellow: 3,
Printing technology: Printer (thermal),
Classification: / Desktop with Display+Printer / Card reader,
Featuring: Scientific functions, Square root, PI, Programmable, Memories: 20-100, Programmable Steps: 200-1000,
Related with: CANON_parts: X71-9424 (MagCard),
Serie-members: CANON: SX100 (20-100 Mems, 200-1000 ProgSteps); CANON: SX105 (); CANON: SX300 (); CANON: SX310 (50-500 Mems, 5000-4000 ProgSteps); CANON: SX320 (); CANON: SX320II (),
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Info: This model has a working minimum of 20 data memories, which can be expanded to 100
When using a data memory split into two sections, data storage capacity is doubled.
This flexibility enables the machine to perform a wide range of complicated calculations.
The SX-series can print a message in alphabetical form through manual operation of the keyboard or programmed instructions.
Program calculations are easier to operate on messages proceeding from the calculator.
The SX-series are printing solutions in any form or chart users desire.
Users can get numbers, charts, graphs, pictures, labels, words, with paper 77mm or 140mm wide.
Complicated calculations can be performed by entering data in the same order as the algebraic expression of the calculation, including double parentheses.
There are special function keys for trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, logaritmic (common and natural), exponential, reciprocal, n-th power, square, square root, factorial, absolute values, integers/fractions, decimal to degrees (and vice versa), constant PI and e
Other features:
Conditional and unconditional branching, Indirect memory addressing, Memory splitting, Symbolic addressing of subroutines, Subroutine nesting up to two levels.
Mathematical calculations are performed with full accuracy up to 14 digits and a 2-digit exponent.
When special function keys are used, the same accuracy is maintained up to 12 digits and a 2-digit exponent.
The SX100 has a dynamic range of 10(Power-99) to 10(Power+99).
Automatic printing of traced program steps. A key to insert additional steps and another to delete unnecessary ones in any part of the program.
Users can customize each of the keys labeled A through E to perform specific functions at the touch of a single key.
Built-in Scientific Functions:
Incorporates 15 easy-to-use micro-programmed functions.
Subroutine and Program Selection:
for performing subroutine branching in program instructions and for program selection in manual operations.
Memory Control Keys:
memory can be used for both accumulation and storage.
Ten-Key Block:
exponent key makes it possible to input data in scientific or mixed notations.
Calculation Block:
equipped with fundamental functions: Square Root, 1/a, aČ and a(Power x).
Program Instruction Block:
employs 66 instructions, including branch commands and printer control instructions for obtaining exact desired output.
Program Control Block:
features complete editing facilities to decrease program checking time and simplify desired step settings. Complete-ly furnished with mode and magnetic card reader control keys.

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