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(Technology): Component IC DTL (Diode-Transitor Logic)
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Product number (P/N): DTL = Diode-Transitor Logic (Technical Vocabulary),
Keywords/Tags: DTL = Diode-Transitor Logic (Technical Vocabulary) | Diode-Transitor Logic (Technical Vocabulary)
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Info: Diode–Transistor Logic (DTL) is a class of digital circuits that is the direct ancestor of Transistor–Transistor Logic (TTL).
It is called so because the logic gating function (e.g., AND) is performed by a diode network and the amplifying function is performed by a transistor.

Integrated DTL-circuits became the first high-volume IC (Integrated Circuits) product lines.
Designed by BAKER Orville in 1962, the SIGNETICS: SE100 Series DTL family was overtaken in 1964 by the better noise immunity and lower cost of the FAIRCHILD: 930 Series.


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