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COMMODORE_adaptors: DC640
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Product number (P/N): DC640,
Keywords/Tags: DC640
Classification: / Adaptor,
Used for: COMMODORE: F4126D, COMMODORE: F4146D, COMMODORE: F4146R (version-1), COMMODORE: F4146R (version-2), COMMODORE: F4902, COMMODORE: N60 (version-1), COMMODORE: N60 (version-2), COMMODORE: N60 (version-3), COMMODORE: PR100 (version-1), COMMODORE: S61 (version-1), COMMODORE: S61 (version-2), COMMODORE: SR1800, COMMODORE: SR4120D (version-1), COMMODORE: SR4148R (version-1), COMMODORE: SR4148R (version-2), COMMODORE: SR6120R (version-2), COMMODORE: SR7919 (version-1) cbm UK Black, COMMODORE: SR7919 (version-4) commodore UK Beige, COMMODORE: SR7949, COMMODORE: SR8120 (version-2), COMMODORE: SR9120D (version-1), COMMODORE: SR9140D (version-1), COMMODORE: SR9140D (version-2), COMMODORE: SR9190R (version-1), COMMODORE: SR9190R (version-2), DISMAC: Navegador


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