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Product number (P/N): 82M,
Keywords/Tags: 82M
Date of intro: ~1974,
Power: 6V: (AA x4) + Adaptor,
Number of keys: 20,
Classification: / Pocket,
Featuring: Procent,
Main Components: ROCKWELL: 15330,
Resemblance with: FORDS: 82M; WITCO: EC878,
Collector value: 8/10,
Info: We are selling these 2 together to show the difference and similarities of these rare Witco items.

Buy It Now includes both these gems for one price.
*The Morse 82M was never released and is built into an early mega rare Witco EC-808 casing.
*The adapter plug was ugraded from the earlier multi slotted one from the EC-808, but similar slide in part.
*The board is early and the Bowmar Optostic is later as if built from spare parts.
*The Bowmar strip display is unattached, probably an abandoned project during the rapidly changing calc wars.


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