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COMPUCORP: 327 (version-1)
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AKA: Scientist, Product number (P/N): 327,
Keywords/Tags: 327 | Scientist
Date of intro: ~1973, Dimensions: 350x290x110mm, Weight: 6000g,
Power: AC,
Classification: / Desktop with Display+Printer,
Featuring: Programmable, Programmable Steps: 416,
Related with: COMPUCORP: 392,
Original Equipment Manufacturer : COMPUCORP: 327 (version-1) (List of all Export-OEM-models from COMPUCORP), Resemblance with: ATAIO: 327,
Serie-members: COMPUCORP: 327 (version-1) (Keyboard Black); COMPUCORP: 327 (version-2) (Keyboard Beige),
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Info: Offers An Optional I/O Peripheral Interface to Provide a formatted and Typed Solution to Problems.
Whether users are solving problems with keyboard calculations, using programmed solutions to problems in Engineering, Surveying, Science, Math and Statistics, estimating quantities for proposal preparation,
or accumulating data on the tape memory for subsequent processing with typed results, this 327 model provides a solution.
A Cassette Memory gives users a massive storage of programs and data on inexpensive, widely available audio cassettes.
Operates manually or under program control for automatic storage and retrieval of data and automatic sequencing of programs.
Programming Controls make it easy for users , Write, Track, and Edit programs. Users can be an expert in their field without becoming an expert in math,
A Format key is used to control the significance of numbers displayed and printed. Regardless of the format setting, numbers are carried internally to 13-digit accuracy with 2 exponent digits.
Data storage register controls let users access 44 registers, directly or indirectly, and do math operations into and out of each register.

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Compucorp Alpha 327
SIMAC Electronics
(Courtesy of: WASSERMAN Katherine)
9407164125 (9407164 (125))
Link-1: WASSERMAN Katie

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