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(Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_19
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Number of keys: 19,
Keyboard Array (Rows x Columns): 05x04,
Classification: / Clones,
Serie-members: (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_18; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_18A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_19; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_19A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_19B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_19C; (Clones): Resemblance 007_04_05_20; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_18; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_19; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_19A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_19B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_04_20; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_20; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_21; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_21A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_21B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22C; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22D; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_22E; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_23; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_23A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_23B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_24; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_24A; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_24B; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_24C; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_24D; (Clones): Resemblance 007_05_05_25; (Clones): Resemblance 007_06_04_22; (Clones): Resemblance 007_06_05_27; (Clones): Resemblance 007_06_05_28; (Clones): Resemblance 007_06_05_30,


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