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REX-ROTARY: 230 (version-3)
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AKA: CONTEX 230, Product number (P/N): 230,
Keywords/Tags: 230 | CONTEX
Date of intro: ~1973, Origin: Denmark (List), Dimensions: 215x205x70mm,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Gas disharge) (List), Digits = 12,
Number of keys: 23, #Key-Grey: 11, #Key-White: 12,
Decimal switch: [0-2-3-6], Round switch: [(ArrowUp)-5/4-(ArrowDown)], Miscellaneous switch: [(Blank)-K (Blank)-(Sigma)],
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Featuring: Procent,
Serie-members: REX-ROTARY: 230 (version-1) (No double-space key); REX-ROTARY: 230 (version-2) (One double-space key); REX-ROTARY: 230 (version-3) (One double-space key, No Indicators),
Known Serial-numbers: 074012427 (List of all S/Ns from REX-ROTARY)
Collector value: 8/10,
Courtesy of: DONSKOY Taras,

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(Courtesy of: DONSKOY Taras)

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S/N: 074012427
(Courtesy of: DONSKOY Taras)

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