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COMMODORE: S61 (version-2)
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AKA: S-61, AKA (Label): Electronic Calculator, MODEL S-61, PART NO. 201313-02, Product number (P/N): 20131302 (201313-02),
Keywords/Tags: 20131302 (201313-02) | S61 (S-61) | Statistician
Date of intro: 1976, Origin: Japan (List), United Kingdom (List), Dimensions: 160x100x35mm,
Power: Rechargeable, Adaptor: COMMODORE_adaptors: 707; COMMODORE_adaptors: 708; COMMODORE_adaptors: 709; COMMODORE_adaptors: DC640,
Display: Type = Display (VFD) (List), Digits = 14,
Number of keys: 60,
Classification: / Pocket / Statististics+Probability,
Related with: COMMODORE_docu: (Instr.) S61 (version-2); COMMODORE_docu: (Broch.) S61; COMMODORE_parts: (Box) S61,
Serie-members: COMMODORE: M55 (Math.); COMMODORE: N60 (version-1) (Nav. (Black) Made in UK); COMMODORE: N60 (version-2) (Nav. (Black) Made in Japan); COMMODORE: N60 (version-3) (Nav. (Red)); COMMODORE: S61 (version-1) (Stat. Made in UK); COMMODORE: S61 (version-2) (Stat. Made in Japan),
Known Serial-numbers: 00632 | 01209 | 01289 | 014132 (List of all S/Ns from COMMODORE)
Initial Cost Price: USD99.95, Collector value: 9/10,


Label, name plate
S/N: 01289

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