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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 40x HANDY TECH (Galixa Speech, version-1)
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AKA: GALAXY 40x, SCIENFTIFIC, AKA (Label): CALCULATOR, Typ: GALIXA Speech, Product number (P/N): 40x,
Keywords/Tags: 40x | HANDY TECH | Galixa Speech
Date of intro: 1995, Origin: Germany (List), Dimensions: 230x125x45mm, Weight: 540g,
Adaptor: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_adaptors: FW1199,
Display: Type = Display (LCD) (List),
Number of keys: 48, #Key-Black: 32, #Key-White: 14, #Key-Yellow: 2,
Classification: / Pocket / Speech,
Featuring: Scientific functions, Square root,
Related with: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: (Instr.) *: 40x,40sx (NL,FR); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS_docu: (Instr.) 40x HANDYTECH,
Serie-members: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 40sx (Solar ); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 40x (Batteries); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 40x HANDY TECH (Galixa Speech, version-1) (Speech (Black Keys)); TEXAS INSTRUMENTS: 40x HANDY TECH (Galixa Speech, version-2) (Speech (White Keys)),
Known Serial-numbers: GASG205740 (GAS/G2-05740) (List of all S/Ns from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS)
Collector value: 8.5/10,
Courtesy of: CALCUSEUM (Serge DEVIDTS),


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