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AKA: MICRO COMPUTER, SOBAX 2700, AKA (Label): SOBAX ICC-2700E, MICRO COMPUTER, Product number (P/N): ICC2700E,
Keywords/Tags: ICC2700E | MICRO COMPUTER | SOBAX
Date of intro: 1971, Origin: Japan (List), Dimensions: 320x150x140mm, Weight: 10000g,
Power: AC,
Display: Type = Display (Nixie) (List), Digits = 15,
Number of keys: 46, #Key-Black: 11, #Key-Blue: 13, #Key-Green: 11, #Key-Grey: 3, #Key-White: 8,
Keyboard Layout: [CORR] [INSERT] [DEBUG] [CHECK] [PROGM] [AUTO] [MANUAL] [(TriangleDownOutline)] [(TriangleDownFilled3x)] [(TriangleDownFilled)] [5/4] - [C ALL] [R] [(Division)] [7] [8] [9] [(ArrowLeft)] [(ArrowRight)] [END FEED] [ENTER] [VERIFY] [RECORD] - [(SquareRoot)] [M OUT] [x] [4] [5] [6] [C ENT] [M] [(BracketLeft)(BracketRight) PGM.P] - [S] [=] [1] [2] [3] [-] [M C] [J IND.P] - [0] [. SPCE] [CHG SIGN] [+] [M IN] [PRNT CONT],
Classification: / Desktop with Display,
Featuring: Square root, Programmable, Logic-technology: SSI (Small Scale Integration), Memories: 12, Programmable Steps: 253,
Related with: SONY_docu: (Instr.) ICC2700E; SONY_docu: (Service) *: ICC2700E,ICC2700W; SONY_docu: (Misc) ICC2700E; SONY_docu: I13680HP14P1 (Broch.) ICC2700E; SONY_perips: EP71 (Printer),
Serie-members: SONY: ICC2550E; SONY: ICC2550W; SONY: ICC2700E; SONY: ICC2700W,
Known Serial-numbers: 490444 (List of all S/Ns from SONY)
Collector value: 9/10,
Info: Features:
Twelve memory registers for storing numbers, each memory can be addressed by Mark key followed by numeral key or several other keys.

Versatile programming capability, can memorize not only numbers but calculating process so that highly versatile program storage is possible.
Up to 253 steps can be stored for programming.
GO TO Jump system: Jump system which designates the place for jumping over,
when the same series of operating steps are included in the program or when next operation differs according to the result obtained at a certain step.

By using a GO TO Jump system, program steps can be used dividedly, plural loops or branchings of programs.
The designated place is instructed by Mark key.

Built-in magnetic card reader:
A program can be permanently recorded for repetitive use on an external medium such as a magnetic program card.
Program so recorded can be read, re-entered or verified in 2.7 sec whenever required.
Card is easily duplicated so that programs of common interest can be distributed.
Simple detection and correction of mistakes:
Instruction check lamp In any mode, check lamp corresponding with the key pressed stays lighted until the next instruction key is pressed.
Program step lamp When mistakes are found in PROGM, CHECK, INSERT or DEBUG mode, correction is simple.
By using CORR or INSERT mode switch, the indexed wrong steps can be easily corrected.

Versatile Print-out:
With the EP71, you can print out every step of your calculations or the program contents.
So there is no chance for transcription errors. From the ICC2700E, orders such as "print" or "feed" can be made.

Conveniently colored keyboard:
The keys used in AUTO mode and MANUAL mode are arranged logically and clearly by color for each use .... blue, black, white, green and gray.




Brochure (fragment) / Card (magnetic)

Brochure (fragment)

Brochure (fragment)

Brochure (fragment)

Brochure (fragment)
Calculator + printer EP71

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Label, name plate
S/N: 490444

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Protection (dust cover)

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