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SANYO_parts(E): R417832 (PCB)
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AKA (Label): R-417832, M-1-1, Product number (P/N): R417832M11 (R-417832, M-1-1),
Keywords/Tags: R417832M11 (R-417832, M-1-1)
Date of intro: ~1971,
Classification: / Part / PCB,
Main Components: SANYO: LM8011A; SANYO: LM8012; SANYO: LM8013; SANYO: LM8014; SANYO: LM8015M,
Other components: NEC: µPD111C; NEC: µPD128C; NEC: µPD306C; NEC: µPD310C,
Used in: SANYO: ICC1418D


Internals (PCB)
Host: SANYO: ICC1418D
S/N: 23900011T

Internals (PCB bottom)
Host: SANYO: ICC1418D
S/N: 23900011T

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