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INTEL_parts(E): P4002-1 (IC)
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Product number (P/N): P40021 (P4002-1),
Keywords/Tags: P40021 (P4002-1) | 40021 (4002-1)
Date of intro: ~1971, Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 16,
Classification: / Part / IC / Memory,
Featuring: Logic-technology: Integrated Circuit (IC),
Serie-members: INTEL_parts(E): C4004 (IC MicroProcessor) (Microprocessor); INTEL_parts(E): P4001 (IC) (ROM); INTEL_parts(E): P4002-1 (IC) (RAM); INTEL_parts(E): P4003 (IC) (Shift-register),
Info: Definition of Integrated Circuit (out of Agreement beween INTEL and BUSICOM):
The RAM-Chip random-access read-write memory realizes 4 registers, each of which stores up to 20 four-bit characters.
Of the 20 characters in each register, 4 are status characters which are directly addressed and 16 are data characters which are addressed indirectly.
The RAM-Chip communicates with the Processor via the same 4-bit data path as does the ROM-Chip, and receives the same command and timing signals as do other ROM-Chip's and RAM-Chip's within the same group.
In addition to the random access memory, a 4-bit output register with 4 external terminals is also realized on the chip.

Used in: BUSICOM: 141PF, BUSICOM_parts(E): QP46332 (PCB), NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR): 18-36, UNICOM: 141P


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