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INTEL_parts(E): P4003 (IC)
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Product number (P/N): P4003,
Keywords/Tags: P4003 | 4003
Date of intro: ~1971, Case: Type = Dual In Line (DIL) 16,
Classification: / Part / IC,
Featuring: Logic-technology: Integrated Circuit (IC),
Serie-members: INTEL_parts(E): C4004 (IC MicroProcessor) (Microprocessor); INTEL_parts(E): P4001 (IC) (ROM); INTEL_parts(E): P4002-1 (IC) (RAM); INTEL_parts(E): P4003 (IC) (Shift-register),
Info: Definition of Integrated Circuit (out of Agreement beween INTEL and BUSICOM):
The Shift-Register is a 10-bit static shift register to be used with Processor, ROM-Chip, and RAM-Chip as an output device.
Inputs include a single data line, a single clock line, and an enable line.
Ten data outputs are provided and are present only when enabled.
An output which is not controlled by the enable input is provided from the last stage of the shift register so that the shift registers may be cascaded.

Used in: BUSICOM: 141PF, BUSICOM_parts(E): QP46332 (PCB), NATIONAL CASH REGISTER (NCR): 18-36, UNICOM: 141P


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